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195.     Gehlot, P., Rao, K., Bharmoria, P., Damarla, K., Gupta, H., Drechsler, M., Kumar, A. (2015)
Spontaneous Formation of Multi-Architecture Vesicles of [C8mim]Br + [Na]DBS in Aqueous Medium: Synergic Interplay of Electrostatic, Hydrophobic and p-p Stacking Interactions.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 119(49), 15300-15309
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194.     Taheri, S.M., Michaelis, M., Friedrich, T., Förster, B., Drechsler, M., Römer, F.M., Bösecke, P., Narayanan, T., Rosenfeldt, S., Rehberg, I., Förster, S. (2015)
Self-assembly of smallest magnetic particles.
PNAS, 112, 14484-14489
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193.     Nabi, E., Drechsler, M., Gradzielski, M. (2015)
Phase behaviour and vesicle formation in catanionic mixtures of Na oleate and alkyl trimethyl ammonium bromide and its salt-free version.
Colloid Polym Sci, 293(11), 3119-3130
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192.     Chen, Y., Angelova, A., Angelov, B., Drechsler, M., Garamus, V.M., Willumeit-Römer, R., Zou, A. (2015)
Sterically stabilized spongosomes for multi-drug delivery of anticancer nanomedicines.
Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 3, 7734-7744
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191.     Cortesi, R., Damiani, C., Ravani, L., Marvelli, L., Esposito, E., Drechsler, M., Pagnoni, A., Pariani, P., Sforza, F., Bergamini, P., (2015)
Lipid based nanoparticles containing cationic derivatives of PTA (1,3,5-triaza-7-phosphaadamantane) as innovative vehicle for Pt complexes: production, characterization and in vitro studies.
Int. J. Pharmaceutics, 492(1-2), 291-300

190.     Esposito, E., De Vries, H.E., van der Pol, S.M.A., Boschi, F., Calderan, L., Mannucci, S., Drechsler, M., Contado, C., Cortesi, R., Nastruzzi, C. (2015)
Production, Physico-Chemical Characterization and Biodistribution Studies of Lipid Nanoparticles.
J. Nanomed. Nanotechnol., 6(1)
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189.     Jäger,A., Jäger, E., Surman, F., Höcherl, A., Angelov, B., Ulbrich, K., Drechsler, M., Garamus, V.M., Rodriguez-Emmeneger, C., Nallet, F., Štepánek, P. (2015)
Nanoparticles of Poly([N-(2- hydroxypropyl])methacrylamide)-b-poly[2- (diisopropylamino)ethyl methacrylate] diblock copolymer for pH-triggered release of paclitaxel.
Polymer Chemistry, 6, 4946-4954
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188.     Angelov, B., Angelova, A., Drechsler, M., Garamus, V.M., Mutafchieva, R., Lesieur, S. (2015)
Identification of large channels in cationic PEGylated cubosome nanoparticles by synchrotron radiation SAXS and Cryo-TEM imaging.
Soft Matter, 11, 3686-3692
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187.     Esposito, E., Sticozzi, C., Ravani, L., Drechsler, M., Muresan, X., Cervellati, F., Cortesi, R., Valacchi, G. (2015)
Effect of new Curcumin-containing nanostructured lipid dispersions on human keratinocytes proliferative responses.
Experimental Dermatology, 24, 449-454
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186.     Rao, K.S., Gehlot, P.S., Drechsler, M., Kumar, A. (2015)
Sodium Bromide Induced Micelle to Vesicle Transitions of Newly Synthesized Anionic Surface Active Ionic Liquids Based on Dodecylbenzenesulfonate.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 119(11), 4263-4274
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185.     Angelov, B., Angelova, A., Drechsler, M., Lesieur, S. (2015)
Rapid mixing stopped-flow small-angle X-ray scattering study of lipoplex formation at beamline ID02@ESRF.
Journal of Surface Investigation. X-ray, Synchrotron and Neutron Techniques, 9(1), 105-110
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184.     Gegenhuber, T., Gröschel, A., Löbling, T., Drechsler, M., Ehlert, S., Förster, S., Schmalz, H. (2015)
Non-covalent grafting of carbon nanotubes with triblock terpolymers: Toward patchy 1D hybrids.
Macromolecules, 48(6), 1767-1776
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183.     Knaapila, M., Costa, T., Garamus, V.M., Kraft, M., Drechsler, M., Scherf, U., Burrows, H.D. (2015)
Polyelectrolyte complexes of a cationic all-conjugated fluorene-thiophene diblock copolymer with aqueous DNA.
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 119, 3231-3241
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182.     Esposito, E., Ravani, L., Drechsler, M., Mariani, P., Contado, C., Ruokolainen, J., Ratano, P., Campolongo, P., Trezza, V., Nastruzzi, C., Cortesi, R. (2015)
Cannabinoid antagonist in nanostructured lipid carriers (NLC): design, characterization and in vivo study.
Materials Science and Engineering: C, 48, 328-336
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181.     Ravani, L., Sarpietro, M.G., Esposito, E., Di Stefano, A., Sozio, P., Cagno, M., Drechsler, M., Contado, C., Longo, F., Giuffrida, M.C., Castelli, F., Morari, M., Cortesi, R. (2015)
Lipid nanocarriers containing a Levodopa prodrug with potential antiparkinsonian activity.
Materials Science and Engineering: C, 48, 294-300
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180.     Esposito, E., Boschi, A., Ravani, L., Cortesi, R., Drechsler, M., Mariani, P., Moscatelli, S., Contado, C., Di Domenico, G., Nastruzzi, C., Giganti M., Uccelli, L. (2015)
Biodistribution of nanostructured lipid carriers: A tomographic study.
European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics, 89, 145-156
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