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Laboratory for Soft Matter Electron Microscopy

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274.     Rakotoarisoa, M., Angelov, B., Espinoza, S., Khakurel, K., Bizien, T., Drechsler, M., Angelova, A. (2021)
Composition-Switchable Liquid Crystalline Nanostructures as Green Formulations of Curcumin and Fish Oil.
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 9(44), 14821-14835
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273.     Hils, C., Schmelz, J., Drechsler, M., Schmalz, H. (2021)
Janus Micelles by Crystallization-Driven Self-Assembly of an Amphiphilic, Double Crystalline Triblock Terpolymer..
J. American Chemical Society, 143(38), 15582-15586
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272.     Klarner, M., Bieger, S., Drechsler, M., Kempe, R. (2021)
Chemoselective Hydrogenation of Olefins Using a Nanostructured Nickel Catalyst.
Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem., 647, 1-6
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271.     Costanzo, M., Esposito, E., Sguizzato, M., Lacavalla, M.A., Drechsler, M., Malatesta, M. (2021)
Formulative study and intracellular fate evaluation of ethosomes and transethosomes for vitamin D3 delivery.
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22(10), 5341
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270.     Huang, Y.-C., Rao, A., Huang, S.-J., Chang, C.-Y., Drechsler, M., Knaus, J., Chan, J.C.C., Raiteri, P., Gale, J.D., Gebauer, D. (2021)
Uncovering the Role of Bicarbonate in Calcium Carbonate Formation at Near-Neutral pH.
Angewandte Chemie, 60, 16707-16713
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269.     Sguizzato, M., Ferrara, F., Singh Hallan, S., Baldisserotto, A., Drechsler, M., Malatesta, M., Costanzo, M., Cortesi, R., Puglia, C., Valacchi, G., Esposito, E. (2021)
Ethosomes and transethosomes for mangiferin transdermal delivery.
Antioxidants, 10(5), 768
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268.     Sarheed, O., Dibi, M., Ramesh, K.V.R.N.S., Drechsler, M. (2021)
Fabrication of alginate-based o/w nanoemulsions for transdermal drug delivery of lidocaine: Influence of the oil phase and surfactant.
Molecules, 26(9), 2556
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267.     Elfinger, M., Schönauer, T., Thomä, S.L.J., Stäglich, R., Drechsler, M., Zobel, M., Senker, J., Kempe, R. (2021)
Co Catalyzed Synthesis of Primary Amines via Reductive Amination employing Hydrogen under very mild Conditions a Nanostructured 3d Metal Catalyst outperforms Noble Metal Catalysts.
ChemSusChem, 14, 2360-2366
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266.     Esposito, E., Sguizzato, M., Drechsler, M., Mariani, P., Trezza, V., Cortesi, R., Nastruzzi, C. (2021)
Nanotechnological Strategies for Administration of Poorly Soluble Neuroactive Drugs.
Proceedings, 78(1), 21
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265.     Supandeep Singh Hallan, Maddalena Sguizzato, Markus Drechsler, Paolo Mariani, Leda Montesi, Rita Cortesi *, Sebastian Björklund, Tautgirdas Ruzgas *, Elisabetta Esposito (2021)
The potential of caffeic acid lipid nanoparticulate systems for skin application: in vitro assays to assess delivery and antioxidant effect.
Nanomaterials, 11(1), 171
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264.     Angelova, A., Angelov, B., Drechsler, M., Bizien, T., Gorshkova, Y.E., Deng, Y. (2021)
Plasmalogen-based liquid crystalline multiphase structures involving docosapentaenoyl (DPA) derivatives inspired by biological cubic membranes.
Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, 9, 617984
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