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Laboratory for Soft Matter Electron Microscopy

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170.     Cortesi, R., Ravani, L., Rinaldi, F., Marconi, P., Drechsler, M., Manservigi, M., Argnani, R., Menegatti, E., Esposito, E., Manservigi, R. (2013)
Intranasal immunization in mice with non-ionic surfactants vesicles containing HSV immunogens: A preliminary study as possible vaccine against genital herpes.
Journal of Pharmaceutics, 440(2), 229-237

169.     Men, Y., Drechsler, M., Yuan, J. (2013)
Double-Stimuli-Responsive Spherical Polymer Brushes with a Poly(ionic liquid) Core and a Thermoresponsive Shell.
Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 34(21), 1721-1727
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168.     Rochette, C., Crassous, J.J., Drechsler, M., Gaboriaud, F., Eloy, M., de Gaudemaris, B., Duval, J:F:L. (2013)
Shell structure of natural rubber particles: evidence of chemical stratification by electrokinetics and cryo-TEM.
Langmuir, 29(47), 14655-14665
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167.     Angelova, A., Angelov, B., Drechsler, M.,Garamus, V.M., Lesieur, S. (2013)
Protein entrapment in PEGylated lipid nanoparticles.
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 454(2), 625-632
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166.     Esposito, E., Ravani, L., Mariani, P., Contadod, C., Drechsler, M., Puglia, C., Cortesi. R. (2013)
Curcumin containing monoolein aqueous dispersions: A preformulative study.
Materials Science and Engineering C, 33(8), 4923-4934
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165.     Angelova, A., Angelov, B., Drechsler, M., Lesieur, S. (2013)
Neurotrophin delivery using nanotechnology.
Drug Discoveries & Therapeutics, 18(23-24), 1263-1271

164.     Esposito E, Drechsler M, Cortesi R. (2013)
Microscopy characterization of micro- and nano-systems for pharmaceutical use.
OA Drug Design & Delivery, 1(1), 2
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163.     Ferstl, M., Drechsler, M., Rachel, R., Rischer, M., Engel, J., Backofen, M., Goepferich, A. (2013)
The Impact of Polyelectrolyte Structure on the Shape of Nanoassemblies with Cationic Peptides.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 102(8), 2599-2607
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162.     Osichowa, A., Rabe, C., Vogtt, C., Narayananc, T., Harnau, L., Drechsler, M., Ballauff, M., Mecking, S. (2013)
Ideal Polyethylene Nanocrystals.
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135(31), 11645-11650
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161.     Wang, J., Velders, A.H., Gianolio, E., Aime, S., Vergeldt, F.J., Van As, H., Yan, Y., Drechsler, M., de Keizer, A., Cohen Stuart, M.A., J. van der Gucht (2013)
Controlled mixing of lanthanide(III) ions in coacervate core micelles.
Chemical Communications, 49(36), 3736-3738
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160.     Puglia, C., Cardile, V., Panico, A.M., Crasci, L., Offerta, A., Caggia, S., Drechsler, M., Mariani, P., Cortesi, R., Esposito, E. (2013)
Evaluation of monooleine aqueous dispersions as tools for topical administration of curcumin: Characterization, in vitro and ex-vivo studies.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 102(7), 2349-2361
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159.     Esposito, E., Mazzitelli, S., Cortesi, R., Drechsler, M., Ravani, L., Nastruzzi, C. (2013)
Analysis of the Drug Release Profiles from Formulations Based on Micro and Nano System.
Current Analytical Chemistry, 9(1), 37-46
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158.     Hanisch, A., Gröschel, A.H., Förtsch,M., Drechsler M., Jinnai H., Ruhland, T.M., Schacher F.H., Müller, A.H.E. (2013)
Counterion-Mediated Hierarchical Self-Assembly of an ABC Miktoarm Star Terpolymer.
ACS Nano, 7(1), 4030-4041
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157.     Angelov, B., Angelova, A., Filippov, S.K., Narayanan, T., Drechsler, M., S?te?pa´nek, P., Couvreur P., Lesieu, S. (2013)
DNA/Fusogenic Lipid Nanocarrier Assembly: Millisecond Structural Dynamics.
J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 4(11), 1959-1964
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156.     Esposito, E., Ravani, L., Contado, C., Costenaro, A., Drechsler, M., Rossi, D., Menegatti, E., Grandini, A., Cortesi, R. (2013)
Clotrimazole nanoparticles gel for mucosal administration.
Materials Science & Engineering, C: Materials for Biological Applications, 33(1), 411-418
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155.     Wu, S., Kaiser, J., Drechsler, M., Ballauff, M., Lu, Y. (2013)
Thermosensitive Au-PNIPA yolk-shell particles as “nanoreactors” with tunable optical properties.
Colloid Polym Sci, 291(1), 231-237
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154.     Crassous, J.J., Millard, P.-E., Mihut, A.M., Wittemann, A., Drechsler, M., Ballauff, M., Schurtenberger, P. (2013)
Giant Hollow Fiber Formation through Self-Assembly of Oppositely Charged Polyelectrolyte Brushes and Gold Nanoparticles.
Soft Matter, 9(38), 9111-9118
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